Crafts & blings


Chupi Heart ring     Olga Sanchez Ceramic ring

It is rather appealing to realise how much during your life you change your interests, and what it seems dull on your teens fascinates you later on. When talking about expressing yourself, fashion is a major topic for me and accessories the details that make the difference.

They’ve  become part of a daily looks. Sometimes wearing crowded ornamented hands and others with quite simple ones. But nevertheless, they tent to accompany me everyday. Some small reminders of basic concept that can get forgotten within the messiness of everyday’s life.

My up to date essentials have somethings in common : Crafted items, simply shaped made beautifully by very interesting artists. Within my current collection my belonged Olga Sanchez a ceramic Spanish designer and the Irish Jeweller Chupi.

Olga Sanchez’s designs came into my live around  two years ago while visiting Madrid. Hidden in a little store, unknown to the public all full of well chosen vintage and crafted treasures ( Mälmo). Thanks to Marianne (the owner, model, cashier, photographer and web designer of Malmo space ( Espacio Malmo) the store have become one of my regular visits. Olga’s organic pieces of art with those delicate tones make anybody feel that you are wearing a unique item.

On the other hand  Chupi ( loated in Dublin) that has extended their original location from Powerscourt shopping centre market ( still there though) to Arnotts or even the Aerlingus catalogue. But despite locations Chupi’s jewellery are the translation of nature into precious metals and stones. the perfect way to treat yourself and uplift your outfits.

olga sanchez

Both have a meaning for me. Love for others or for me, nature or just nice pretty objects that always have a story to remember behind…So which one is yours?


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