Latte and a white chocolate cookie, please.


Berlin Cafe in Dublin

I need to confess how terribly fond of coffee shops I am. Their welcoming warmth, corky decoration and their homemade/paleo/gluten free/flavoursome bites and drinks makes some place feel like a friends living room while having a nice chat. This unmistakable touch of comfort has turned my coffee ritual into an authentic mind-clearer therapy.

A regular of mine is Berlin at Clarendon street. With minimal and industrial interior and the assistance of a DJ and a table tennis this place is saying :”just come in and have fun!”.

You can even find it transformed into a vintage market during the weekends to match with that Berlin spirit of culture, social live and community accelerated by caffeine (of course)

Highly recommended to visit, sit and be part of the experience.

latte at Berlin
Berlin cafe

Are you a fun of coffee shops? Let me know on your comments.

…and Enjoy your coffee!

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Berlin’s website:


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