Love’n red


February comes and the shop’s city windows tints in of all sort of red varieties, the perfect colour to appeal our eyes. Red  transmits energy, awakens our physical life force and stimulate our appetite.

That is probably what happened to me last weekend when I passed in front of Cocoa Atelier (Drury Street D2). This is one of those places that every time you grant a visit something unique is just waiting for you. Either brand new flavours for their chocolates (lost of them awarded), homemade marshmallows, mouth-watering macaroons, chocolate spreadables ( I love their salt caramel one) … and of course their innovative creations for special days …

Whether you are with a special one or you fell special on your own feel the vibe of red and indulge your senses.



 … any little treats that you would like to share?


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