“Genius Party”


          Quick shopping back in town and with a mind full of thoughts went slowly walking home. Had a bit of dinner, checked few emails and feeling in the mood for nice bath to chill out.  Frankly, did not know what else to do after finishing Gothan at Netflix … You know, one of those days where you could not get bother with more than that.

  • A movie? puff… bit too long.
  • Another series? ahhh, come one not another one.
  • Look at this! They’ve got anime too!

And there I was, caught by a cute little stone face it was enough trigger to see “ Genius Party”.

Just like that and by an animated movie I’ve experienced got the most beautiful and heart connecting moment I’ve felt in a while. By the power of an inspired desert living ball made out of stone that after getting it’s creative soul literally devoured by a humanly/birdie shaped creature decided not to let that precious gone.

As a result of this “attack” a beam of light crossed rapidly the sky sparking the imagination of our friend off. This time, that enormous heart of its, brought something even bigger than before. A fiery phoenix flower that spread love through the fields and the universe. Transforming this arid land into a network of electric life.

Thanks, Mr Atsuko Fukushima for those four minutes and thirty seconds of pure emotion that have left a generous smile in my face and tones of gratitude for what I’ve just seen.

Feel the love of creation and never forget to share it with others.

 We talk soon…


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