The essence of flower town

The way you feel now is how you should be feeling the rest of your life ( Paper Towns)

    Seems we dedicate ourselves to work on places that we don’t care or surround our life with people who don’t see us. Any purpose? Apart from missing the chance you have got of living it is quite difficult to find another.

   But is it really true? How impossible it is the task of discovery where you belong? Where your skills can get opportunity to explore other boundaries, get developed or simply mess around.

   Creativity requires the freedom to find a way through, its expression and bring that to life. How people can make that of a living requires lots of courage and sincerity on your vision.

   However, because of how inherent that search is on all of us, we have the capability to perfectly recognise it when it pops in front of our eyes.  And in that moment,  participate as a spectator of that show, experiencing the beauty of that finding and why not….maybe even getting inspire and give a chance for your imagination to find its way through.

   The taken pictures are from a haven that breathes love for what you do encircled on an atmosphere of freshness and colour.








 Thanks to Margarita se llama mi amor, for your inspirational creativity and allow me to share that with some others.

Pictures: Moonlight and Raven @margaritamiamor


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