Just a tiny little bite …

What an amazing week of sun we have enjoyed in Dublin!

   And just simply adding the cherry at the top of it let’s have a look into this Elysium for your senses … Cacao Sampaka in Madrid.

   This place is without any doubts my brother’s temptation and if I am honest with myself sometimes is mine too.  But what really thrives my disposition to pass by this place is definitely how unpretentious this space feels in comparison with the reward you get once in. Minimalism of lines and the warmth of the wood framed the delicate essence of this beautifully crafted chocolate.

   Artisan pieces shaped in exclusive bars, delicate bonbons, drops, shavings are match to perfection with Moscato, Grappa, Champagne and other wines for those with an educated tongue. Although, if you are not having an “alcoholic drink” day just lose yourself within their teas, ice creams, biscuits and spreadables. I mean, you will not have an issue finding choices here.


P1090303             P1090305





Thanks to @SampakaMadrid for your inspiration and allow our guilty pleasures to be less guilty and more pleasurable.



What about your guilty pleasures?

Have a great weekend!                       P1090307


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