What did Santa Claus bring?

Yes, I know ...this post seems a bit off sync ...but who cares!

Apparently Santa Claus and I share a similar love for Spanish brands, who was going to tell. Based on this he decided to bring the unique essence of Olivia’s soaps candles to the homes of my almost-sister Ana, my beautiful sis and my little brother’s new apartment.


(BTW that they come with a box of matches inside with a lovely quote… that unfortunately can’t quote and I needed to translate so many times…)


Once the ambience was getting Christmassy it was time for the girls to spark with another gift ( this Santa does know his staff). Coming this time from the unique pieces that only Malababa can create. Cause they worthy it!


When you are surrounded by artists and distinctive quirky brands who does want to streamline a gift. Share your alternative and individual style as independent designers and creator are just there waiting for you.

So my question for today’s post will be… what did Santa bring to you?

Have a great week and I hope we could talk soon.

Pictures: moonlight and raven
Candles: From http://www.oliviatheshop.com, pictures were taken at http://concalma.es
Jewellery: http://www.malababa.com

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.


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