Slowing down


What does make you feel relax? You know, when you finally stop overthinking and suddenly you are there at the present time just enjoying the moment.

In my last trip to my beloved Madrid I met a couple of hair artists that work in a place called con calma ( taking it easy). What a great name! I am taking it as a personal mantra let’s see if I can finally make it.


Their motto: ” An invitation to the pleasure of getting beautiful, pampering yourself a bit everyday, caring of you and the enviroment…”

Based on this commitment they work with organic products (that you can purchase at the front store) and guarantee a personal treatment to each an every single one of us.

For this they had created a space where they will be no longer feeling working but living in alignment with their creative minds. Allowing themselves time to connect you and get an insight of what will make your day boosting in gorgeousness. Not and easy task to take, though but there they are to make it happen.


As a small confession to make I need to say that it is rather irresistible not to fall under this self indulgent spell and I got a chocolate face mask to die for.

Mafalda may say “Que paren el mundo, que me quiero bajar!”( stop the world, I want to get off!) and when you do … how do you treat yourself? If you don’t know how give con calma a try.

Have a great week and try to love yourselves a tiny bit more.

Pictures: moonlight and raven
Thanks to Iván y Noel from for their warm welcoming thatI received and their generous time spent giving me. It was a pleasure and I hope I will grant a visit soon enough.

Special note: congrats to with your post It has been certainly a sorpreson.This post is dedicated to you, to your tenacity in life and the love an passion that your blog brings. Best regards Natalia! 

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.

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