anamnesis| ἀνάμνησις

At the end of the XIX century the basis of football were getting shaped. High class players and the FA founders faced a conundrum. Were the rules moving towards the future? And how was that future looking like? It seemed not as inclusive for the working class people. Talent was another birth gift as so […]


A perfect day

Pouring rain like crazy, with one degree of temperature but feeling like if I were living in Siberia. That’s how we have been here in Dublin for the last few weeks, praying deeply for a bit of sun. So, here I am in a cafeteria drinking a cup of tea trying to find the energy to make it […]

What are you wearing today?!

  Every so often I’m asked where did I get what I might be wearing that day. Creating a wardrobe seems like anything in life; it requires patience, an eye to look out for that “something different” and that gut feeling that says …That’s right baby, you are mine.  Although in reality I might not be that straight forward, I […]

Let the sun shine in

You know those weeks… where day after day that you draw your blinds you get =a grey cloudy sky with some  intervals or rain, or heavy rain… That is Dublin right now, puff! So, this week I am time travelling to a time where the warmth kiss of the sun was with me. Yes, that’s right, […]

Slowing down

What does make you feel relax? You know, when you finally stop overthinking and suddenly you are there at the present time just enjoying the moment. In my last trip to my beloved Madrid I met a couple of hair artists that work in a place called con calma ( taking it easy). What a great name! […]

What did Santa Claus bring?

Yes, I know …this post seems a bit off sync …but who cares! Apparently Santa Claus and I share a similar love for Spanish brands, who was going to tell. Based on this he decided to bring the unique essence of Olivia’s soaps candles to the homes of my almost-sister Ana, my beautiful sis and my […]

Discovering Guille García-Hoz

With a light sign that says “hola Guille” Guille García-Hoz welcome you into his studio/shoproom in Madrid. Caught by the surprise of finding items from Olivia’s Soaps at the entrance I could not wait to have a look into what in seems  a tiny warehouse of hidden treasures … And I was not wrong. So, what […]

Bits and bobs. Malababa

If I need to find something in common with the pieces of jewelry I wear is how simple they are. Understanding simple as uncomplicated but never plain. Pieces that will not put in jeopardy their femininity and uniqueness. So, let’s meet Malababa. I met this brand quite recently , but they have been there already a […]

A concept store. Design in Rughara

   How important is to get lost every now a then. Sometimes you just simply end up exactly where you needed to be. This time destiny and the direction of a well intended neighbour brought me to what its called a talent warehouse. And under this absolutely appropriate name I meet Rughara.    Located in the vibrant district of […]

The new Retro Style & Kling

This week’s posts will present some unique spots not to be missed if you are visiting Madrid and fashion in kind of your thing.  Starting with the unique fashion vision of Kling. Vivid prints, colour with a trendy retro interpretation and iconic accessories defined this brand. With a mise en scène in their stores that combine creativity and […]

Just a tiny little bite …

What an amazing week of sun we have enjoyed in Dublin!    And just simply adding the cherry at the top of it let’s have a look into this Elysium for your senses … Cacao Sampaka in Madrid.    This place is without any doubts my brother’s temptation and if I am honest with myself sometimes is […]

The essence of flower town

The way you feel now is how you should be feeling the rest of your life ( Paper Towns)     Seems we dedicate ourselves to work on places that we don’t care or surround our life with people who don’t see us. Any purpose? Apart from missing the chance you have got of living it […]

A walking wardrobe

  As a woman or probably as a human being, ( clarifying that I am no expert on man’s minds) the search of mesmerising “somethings” follows and guide me at all times. Sometimes dazzled by the personality of a new encounter ,enchanted by a scene on a movie or fascinated by the creativity of a […]

“Genius Party”

          Quick shopping back in town and with a mind full of thoughts went slowly walking home. Had a bit of dinner, checked few emails and feeling in the mood for nice bath to chill out.  Frankly, did not know what else to do after finishing Gothan at Netflix … You […]

The being me process

If there is something that I know for sure is that life will always bring you a chance for a change.  And your options are quite simple: adapt or deny that reality. Decisions, decisions and more decisions will be permanently escort your life and the ones that, more often than not, will question who you […]

Sweet Sicily …home sweet home

Don’t you love the comforting touch of a homey kitchen when you enter a coffee store? Surrounded by the warmth and sweetness of something that it’s been just baked? A few months ago Dawson street located a new hidden gem within their Georgian houses’ basements: Sweet Sicily. A cracking place for a great italian coffee with an splendid […]

Bites in Madrid. The markets vibe

In the last few years Madrid has experienced an emerging demand for food markets. Initiated by the one and only Mercado de San Miguel, a brilliantly preserved glass and cast-iron building a symbol of culinary culture and heritage patrimony. Other examples of this XIX century trend sadly were not able to survive such as Cebada or Los Monteses. In order to become a magnetic […]

Feeling pretty.

A friend told me a couple of days ago, at stomp performance, that she liked the attire of the evening. A green blouse, classic red lipstick and my glasses (light brown framed). Of course, appreciate those nice words and realise how some of the selected   elements were making a difference. How balancing opposite colours were creating attention and the […]

Love’n red

February comes and the shop’s city windows tints in of all sort of red varieties, the perfect colour to appeal our eyes. Red  transmits energy, awakens our physical life force and stimulate our appetite. That is probably what happened to me last weekend when I passed in front of Cocoa Atelier (Drury Street D2). This is one […]

Latte and a white chocolate cookie, please.

  I need to confess how terribly fond of coffee shops I am. Their welcoming warmth, corky decoration and their homemade/paleo/gluten free/flavoursome bites and drinks makes some place feel like a friends living room while having a nice chat. This unmistakable touch of comfort has turned my coffee ritual into an authentic mind-clearer therapy. A regular of mine is […]

Crafts & blings

        It is rather appealing to realise how much during your life you change your interests, and what it seems dull on your teens fascinates you later on. When talking about expressing yourself, fashion is a major topic for me and accessories the details that make the difference. They’ve  become part of a […]

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