anamnesis| ἀνάμνησις

By stating your grounds ,valuing your ethics you can face the world ahead.

At the end of the XIX century the basis of football were getting shaped. High class players and the FA founders faced a conundrum. Were the rules moving towards the future? And how was that future looking like? It seemed not as inclusive for the working class people. Talent was another birth gift as so was respect and the right of a life to live for.

The understanding of different live circumstances or the approach to people that don’t look, think or behave like us might at times be frightening. But how can we become better or do better without challenging ourselves? Without pushing our limits? Without confronting our fears?

It is within that exercise, a test that only you can take, and might only goes towards a more unknown territory. However, for those that take that path, that koi fish cycle of perseverance, where success is measured in micro-steps a retrospective look might be worth of living.

Our learning paths makes us get a better view of who we are and what we want to become. Recognising the truth behind ourselves, embracing our flaws, root us into the reality of our existence and our worth. Because we are the ones setting up our value, not third parties.

When you give that power to others, we all lose. Forgetting who we are feed egos and create discrimination.

Consent nurtured from the silence of most,  strengthen the force and voice of few.

Up-skilling, self-education, active listening to other people’s reality… a journey of self-discovery. Understanding and discerning when power abuse is happening. A systematic pandemic sustained throughout history by social class and status. Those who did not have to learn about other people’s realities because their voices were the standards and their worth indisputable.

Remember who you are! Find your voice!

A finales del siglo XIX las bases del futbol vieron la luz. Este paso hizo que tanto jugadores como fundadores se enfrentasen a su primera problemática. Juego de caballeros pero ¿con qué visión de futuro? ¿quienes eran los verdaderos participantes y quienes el grueso sin voz? Definitivamente, no podemos decir que la audiencia se caracterizase por su inclusividad, al menos no de la clase trabajadora. En esos momentos, el talento parecía un derecho de nacimiento a la vez que lo era el derecho al respecto y a una vida digna.

Pero claro, es que acercarnos a las realidades de otros cuando estas no se asemejan a las nuestras, ni se opina , ni se comportan o se parecen a nosotros genera distancia y en ocasiones temor. Pero sin andar este camino y construir los puentes necesarios hacia ese entendimiento común ¿cómo podremos aprender?

Es precisamente dentro de ese ejercicio, un ejercicio individual, desde el que estaremos navegando hacia territorios cada vez más desconocidos que deslimitarán el entendimiento de la realidad que conocemos, que nos es tan familiar. Un camino, medido en micro-pasos pero cuya mirada en retrospectiva es generosa por todo lo andado (como bien diría Machado y cantaría Serrat)

Esa sendas nos permiten dirigir nuestra mirada a quienes somos y vislumbrar en quienes nos estamos convirtiendo. Reconociendo la verdad que se esconde tras nuestros egos, abrazando nuestros fallas para conectar con la realidad de quienes somos y ver el valor que reside en nosotros mismos. Por que ese valor nos lo otorgamos nosotros nunca las figuras que nos observa.

Cuando damos ese poder a otros, todos perdemos. Olvidar quienes somos alimenta el ego del que observa y genera discriminación.

La anuencia reforzada por el silencio de muchos refuerza el poder y la voz de los pocos.

Ser diversos en nuestra propia educación, inspirarnos en la realidad del otro creando ese camino hacia nuestro auto-descubrimiento. Nos permitirá entender con mayor claridad cuando activa o pasivamente nos encontramos ante un abuso de poder. Esa pandemia sistemática, supeditada por la historia por el estatus y las clases sociales del privilegio. Aquellos que no necesitan aprender sobre el mundo a su alrededor por que son solo sus voces las que establecen los cánones y su valor indiscutible.

¡Nunca olvides quien eres! Y si lo has hecho recuérdate (Anamnesis). ¡Encuentra tu voz!

Illustrations: Carolina Martín
References: & Josep Lluis Rivera Garcia
Thanks to our current times. Moments to rethink on the matters that are relevant to us and for what is worth to fight for. 

Special thanks to my amazing friends (close and far ones), family and challengers in life. Such a constant source of inspiration to guide my energy towards a vision that feels like home.  


A perfect day

Pouring rain like crazy, with one degree of temperature but feeling like if I were living in Siberia. That’s how we have been here in Dublin for the last few weeks, praying deeply for a bit of sun.

So, here I am in a cafeteria drinking a cup of tea trying to find the energy to make it till home. Cause for the last five minute I stopped feeling in my fingers and it wasn’t very pleasurable. So right before that happens, while holding this warm paper cup and looking through the window I leave my mind wonder on how amazing might feel to gavillant for a quick bite and a drink in Madrid where in temperature was about 15 degrees (or so my family gladly I was informed 10 minutes ago).


In my mind I was having one of those moments where for no reason you meet a couple of friends and for the sake of having something to eat you ended up living a perfect day. In this unplanned tour you enter into literally the first place you come up and discovered a 1906 tavern in Huertas with the best ever coated shrimps and a vermut, I mean it, BEST EVER!

el abuelo1

We continue visiting the traditional Mercado de San Miguel seeking for a place to stay, obviously not possible. Feeling the urge of that new delicatessen (note: any nice piece of food will make it into this category) it came to our mind that Juana la Loca wasn’t far  from us. So we headed into La Latina for that heavenly made Spanish omelette pincho. We salute you!


Isn’t it funny how easily your mind release you from the stress of your reality. Now wearing with a nice smile in my face and certainly warmer I am ready to fight that last tram till home.

Although it was not that far when that daydream was a fact how fast I had forgotten about it when all around you gets a bit darker.It is clear to me that I might be needing some nice holidays.

I hope you have a great week and a bit of sun anywhere you are.

All the best,


Vaya tela con el tiempo que hace seguro que en Siberia hace más calor. Congelada como un pajarito que se diría en mi pueblo. Así andamos por aquí, que el día que salga un rayo de sol saldremos todos los de la ofician en estampida.

En mi regreso a casa he tenido que hacer una parada porque estaba sintiendo los primeros síntomas de congelamiento. Así que aquí me encuentro en una cafeteria, tomándome un té a ver si entro en calor preguntándome lo rico que me sabría el irme de tapillas por esas calles lindas de Madrid.

mercado SM

Ya sabes, el típico día que te juntas con otros dos y decidís ir “por ahi”. Y en esa aventura a lo tonto te encuentras dando vueltas por el casco antiguo de Madrid en una taberna que tiene mas años que maricastaño pero que te hacen un vermut que te deja mudo.

O en otra de esas intentonas fallidas por entrar al mercado de San Miguel te metes por la calle incorrecta, das tres vueltas pensando que por ahí regresaste y acabas en la Latina tomando el mejor pincho de tortilla la historia ha visto. Ay, que rico!

De regreso a mi realidad parece que el té ha hecho efecto y noto la sangre de nuevo circulando. Así que esta vez  ataviada con una sonrisa por esta ida de pinza me dispongo a enfrentarme al último tramo hasta el hogar.Ahora con una idea más clara en mí mente y es que creo que necesito vacaciones.

Que paseis buena semana y no os heléis mucho allí donde estéis.

Pictures: moonlight and raven
Thanks to El Abuelo where nothing seem has changed since 1906 . Location: C/ Victoria 12. Madrid.
Special thanks to the amazing company of that fantastic aventure. 

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What are you wearing today?!


  Every so often I’m asked where did I get what I might be wearing that day. Creating a wardrobe seems like anything in life; it requires patience, an eye to look out for that “something different” and that gut feeling that says …That’s right baby, you are mine.

 Although in reality I might not be that straight forward, I consider myself quite bold wh   en choosing my clothes. This might be a good starting point for me. I tend to go for oversized items, ripped jeans, combining both high waisted and tailored trousers with striped patterns and polka dots. I also love multilayered shirts, t-shirts and jerseys and combining them with handmade scarves with a vast array of colours and varied patterns.


   Working in an office where the predominant colours are navy and black I do consider myself the queen of my own party. Though I have seen some people daring to be different, orbiting around like bright shooting stars, so I haven’t lost all hope just yet.


Let’s see if I can get some intrepidness from this inner force of expression and continue building that courage to face life.

Question: Does your morning mood influence your outfit choice or does your attire throw itself at you?

Don’t forget to have a great week!

(Spanish Version)

   De vez en cuando, me suelo encontrar con estas preguntas sobre de donde te has comprado estos zapatos o me gusta lo que llevas hoy .En realidad, crear tu fondo de armario es como todo en la vida: te pide paciencia, un ojo para encontrar ese “algo único” y esa sensación cuando lo hayas que dice … Asi si es baby, eres todo mío!

  Aunque en la realidad no soy ni remotamente tan lanzada como lo que acabo de escribir (cantidad de ejemplos demostrarían esta teoría sin problemas) considero que para elegir mis trapitos le echo ganas al tema ( por algún lado tendría que empezar). Jerseys extra grandes, vaqueros rotos, pantalones de cintura alta o de sastre combinan con lunares, rayas, estructuras superpuestas, bufandas auto diseñadas con colores y estampados.

   Trabajando en una oficina donde en azul-oscuro-casi-negro es el pan nuestro de cada día tengo que decir que me siento bastante reinona de mi propia fiesta. Pero noto movimiento a mi alrededor, como satélites de republicas independientes de sus casas deseosos/sas de romper el standard. Expectativas crecientes para una batalla que no parece del todo perdida.

   Veamos si soy capaz de sacar parte de esa fuerza creativa incipiente coger a la rana y plantarle un señor besazo sin pensarlo dos veces.

Pregunta: Tu estado del humor elige lo que llevas por la mañana o algo salta del armario y se te ajusta como un uniforme sin permiso?

No olvides disfrutar mucho de esta semana, que la cuesta de enero ya ha pasado!

Pictures: moonlight and raven
Thanks to Location: Calle Corredera Alta de san Pablo,4 Madrid.

Special note: To one of those unforgettable office satellites and her little Fara ( welcome to this world!)

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Let the sun shine in


You know those weeks… where day after day that you draw your blinds you get =a grey cloudy sky with some  intervals or rain, or heavy rain… That is Dublin right now, puff!

So, this week I am time travelling to a time where the warmth kiss of the sun was with me. Yes, that’s right, we are back to Madrid! But on this occasion to visit “el *Chiringito del Sr Martin“(*Refreshment stall. note: this is not even close to be as cute as in Spanish,so some things are better not translated), a bit of the beach in this coast-less city.

sr martin.jpg

What else would you like: having the pleasure of enjoying an authentic piece of seashore gastronomy in a place where the word fun is displayed every where. You might be thinking … well, but you are still missing the best part, the sea. You might be right, but for a Madrilena like me the company of these two :), some “tintos de verano” and the great sense of humour from the staff they made it just right.

So tell me, how do you mentally survive your winter? Are you planning any holidays? or do you time travel too? (comment and share, don’t be shy).

Regards and have a great week,

(Spanish Version)

Sabes esas semanas, donde cada día que abres las persianas te encuentras con una nube gris encapotando todo gratamente acompañada de lluvia moderada a fuertes marejadas torrenciales…si sabes lo que es eso, es que !tal vez vivas en Dublin!

Así que esta semana, tratando de escapar de esa visión, he decido viajar al tiempo donde el sol besaba un cuello cálidamente y plantarme de nuevo en Madrid. Esta vez para visitar “el Chiringuito del Sr Martin“, un pedacito de playa en esta ciudad sin costa.


Que más se puede pedir: el placer de disfrutar de un trocito de gastronomía del litoral en un lugar donde la palabra diversión se escribe en cada rincón.

Igualmente podrías pensar que los chiringuitos están en playa con su mar al lado. Y posiblemente tengas razón, pero para una madrileña como yo, la compañía de los dos que salen en la foto, con una par de tintos de verano y el cachondeo que había con los camareros hicieron esa salida una de esas para recordar.

Así dime, como sobrevivos esos meses de invierno? planeas vacaciones? o también viajes un poco en el tiempo? ( comenta y comparte, no seas tímido)

Un saludo y disfrutad de la semana,

Pictures: moonlight and raven
Thanks to for the lovely time and amazing food we had there. Location: Calle Mayor, 31. 28013 Madrid.

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Slowing down


What does make you feel relax? You know, when you finally stop overthinking and suddenly you are there at the present time just enjoying the moment.

In my last trip to my beloved Madrid I met a couple of hair artists that work in a place called con calma ( taking it easy). What a great name! I am taking it as a personal mantra let’s see if I can finally make it.


Their motto: ” An invitation to the pleasure of getting beautiful, pampering yourself a bit everyday, caring of you and the enviroment…”

Based on this commitment they work with organic products (that you can purchase at the front store) and guarantee a personal treatment to each an every single one of us.

For this they had created a space where they will be no longer feeling working but living in alignment with their creative minds. Allowing themselves time to connect you and get an insight of what will make your day boosting in gorgeousness. Not and easy task to take, though but there they are to make it happen.


As a small confession to make I need to say that it is rather irresistible not to fall under this self indulgent spell and I got a chocolate face mask to die for.

Mafalda may say “Que paren el mundo, que me quiero bajar!”( stop the world, I want to get off!) and when you do … how do you treat yourself? If you don’t know how give con calma a try.

Have a great week and try to love yourselves a tiny bit more.

Pictures: moonlight and raven
Thanks to Iván y Noel from for their warm welcoming thatI received and their generous time spent giving me. It was a pleasure and I hope I will grant a visit soon enough.

Special note: congrats to with your post It has been certainly a sorpreson.This post is dedicated to you, to your tenacity in life and the love an passion that your blog brings. Best regards Natalia! 

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What did Santa Claus bring?

Yes, I know ...this post seems a bit off sync ...but who cares!

Apparently Santa Claus and I share a similar love for Spanish brands, who was going to tell. Based on this he decided to bring the unique essence of Olivia’s soaps candles to the homes of my almost-sister Ana, my beautiful sis and my little brother’s new apartment.


(BTW that they come with a box of matches inside with a lovely quote… that unfortunately can’t quote and I needed to translate so many times…)


Once the ambience was getting Christmassy it was time for the girls to spark with another gift ( this Santa does know his staff). Coming this time from the unique pieces that only Malababa can create. Cause they worthy it!


When you are surrounded by artists and distinctive quirky brands who does want to streamline a gift. Share your alternative and individual style as independent designers and creator are just there waiting for you.

So my question for today’s post will be… what did Santa bring to you?

Have a great week and I hope we could talk soon.

Pictures: moonlight and raven
Candles: From, pictures were taken at

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Discovering Guille García-Hoz

With a light sign that says “hola Guille” Guille García-Hoz welcome you into his studio/shoproom in Madrid.


Caught by the surprise of finding items from Olivia’s Soaps at the entrance I could not wait to have a look into what in seems  a tiny warehouse of hidden treasures … And I was not wrong.

So, what can you find here?

From an impressive collection of porcelain crockery, artistic ceramic pieces ( from Abe the Ape, Bussoga, el centro cerámico de Talavera and Guille García-Hoz), original wall paper, unusual home accessories to fashion items and more. All of them coexisting in a living space where ideas and concepts are displayed in front of your eyes. The transition, therefore, into a different location seems natural as this inventive creator make it very easy for us.





It is natural to fall into this “fairyland” store where mugs and flower bases become deers and foxes and nothing seems to be as expected … what a wonder to land.

We talk soon!

and enjoy your day …

Pictures: moonlight and raven
Store location: Calle Pelayo 43, Madrid.

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Bits and bobs. Malababa

If I need to find something in common with the pieces of jewelry I wear is how simple they are. Understanding simple as uncomplicated but never plain. Pieces that will not put in jeopardy their femininity and uniqueness.

So, let’s meet Malababa.


I met this brand quite recently , but they have been there already a while ( since 1997).

Their honest creation of fashion accessories linked to a respectful treatment of material was certainly magnetic. Having in mind that their showroom breaths like an ecosystem where all the elements live interconnected on a romantic and fun space.


I invite you to further explore the vision of this creative crafters made in Spain.

We talk soon!

Disclaimer: This review it is not been sponsored.
Pictures: Moonlight and Raven. Earring from Malababa; Collar: Beatriz Palacios

A concept store. Design in Rughara

   How important is to get lost every now a then. Sometimes you just simply end up exactly where you needed to be. This time destiny and the direction of a well intended neighbour brought me to what its called a talent warehouse. And under this absolutely appropriate name I meet Rughara.


   Located in the vibrant district of Malasaña Rughara merges to perfection fashion & accessories with designed homeware, furniture and Art. Combined in a way that it is rather complicated not to take your time and fuse within scene. That’s right, getting lost one more time!

   Set up for those looking for a non-conventional vision of fashion identity. Searching for statement items that speak their own language and do not need translation.


Independent creator and crafters find their way in with the shared vision of spaces like this one. Where artistic talent gets room and claims its flag versus “fast fashion” culture.

Thanks and we talk soon,

Pictures: Moonlight and Raven
Location: Rughara,Corredera Alta de San Pablo 2, Madrid