The new Retro Style & Kling

This week’s posts will present some unique spots not to be missed if you are visiting Madrid and fashion in kind of your thing.


 Starting with the unique fashion vision of Kling. Vivid prints, colour with a trendy retro interpretation and iconic accessories defined this brand. With a mise en scène in their stores that combine creativity and a cool blast from the past taste.



  Confession wise … I need to say that I was just having a look and one of those doggy looking hangers caught me unprepared with a dreamy vintage dress that was meant to meet my closet here in Dublin… And so, it was!


I hope you will give it a go, cause it is always an experience to check what these original designers produce each season.

  Pictures: Kling Weekend at calle Duque de Alba ( Madrid)

Just a tiny little bite …

What an amazing week of sun we have enjoyed in Dublin!

   And just simply adding the cherry at the top of it let’s have a look into this Elysium for your senses … Cacao Sampaka in Madrid.

   This place is without any doubts my brother’s temptation and if I am honest with myself sometimes is mine too.  But what really thrives my disposition to pass by this place is definitely how unpretentious this space feels in comparison with the reward you get once in. Minimalism of lines and the warmth of the wood framed the delicate essence of this beautifully crafted chocolate.

   Artisan pieces shaped in exclusive bars, delicate bonbons, drops, shavings are match to perfection with Moscato, Grappa, Champagne and other wines for those with an educated tongue. Although, if you are not having an “alcoholic drink” day just lose yourself within their teas, ice creams, biscuits and spreadables. I mean, you will not have an issue finding choices here.


P1090303             P1090305





Thanks to @SampakaMadrid for your inspiration and allow our guilty pleasures to be less guilty and more pleasurable.



What about your guilty pleasures?

Have a great weekend!                       P1090307


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The essence of flower town

The way you feel now is how you should be feeling the rest of your life ( Paper Towns)

    Seems we dedicate ourselves to work on places that we don’t care or surround our life with people who don’t see us. Any purpose? Apart from missing the chance you have got of living it is quite difficult to find another.

   But is it really true? How impossible it is the task of discovery where you belong? Where your skills can get opportunity to explore other boundaries, get developed or simply mess around.

   Creativity requires the freedom to find a way through, its expression and bring that to life. How people can make that of a living requires lots of courage and sincerity on your vision.

   However, because of how inherent that search is on all of us, we have the capability to perfectly recognise it when it pops in front of our eyes.  And in that moment,  participate as a spectator of that show, experiencing the beauty of that finding and why not….maybe even getting inspire and give a chance for your imagination to find its way through.

   The taken pictures are from a haven that breathes love for what you do encircled on an atmosphere of freshness and colour.








 Thanks to Margarita se llama mi amor, for your inspirational creativity and allow me to share that with some others.

Pictures: Moonlight and Raven @margaritamiamor

A walking wardrobe

  As a woman or probably as a human being, ( clarifying that I am no expert on man’s minds) the search of mesmerising “somethings” follows and guide me at all times. Sometimes dazzled by the personality of a new encounter ,enchanted by a scene on a movie or fascinated by the creativity of a designer …

    Or a place all full of charm and magnetising that the thought of not getting involved within that atmosphere it is simply unthinkable. A walking wardrobe that hides quirky clothing with rare accessories surrounded by an ambience of sophistication and style.

Divisa entrance

P1090367                                  P1090359        P1090361                                                                              P1090363P1090364


      As a room like that could take a while to get it fully shaped, it does satisfy me to visit venues that transpire that character and taste.

We talk soon…

    Pictures: Divisa ( Calle Hortaleza, 102)

“Genius Party”


          Quick shopping back in town and with a mind full of thoughts went slowly walking home. Had a bit of dinner, checked few emails and feeling in the mood for nice bath to chill out.  Frankly, did not know what else to do after finishing Gothan at Netflix … You know, one of those days where you could not get bother with more than that.

  • A movie? puff… bit too long.
  • Another series? ahhh, come one not another one.
  • Look at this! They’ve got anime too!

And there I was, caught by a cute little stone face it was enough trigger to see “ Genius Party”.

Just like that and by an animated movie I’ve experienced got the most beautiful and heart connecting moment I’ve felt in a while. By the power of an inspired desert living ball made out of stone that after getting it’s creative soul literally devoured by a humanly/birdie shaped creature decided not to let that precious gone.

As a result of this “attack” a beam of light crossed rapidly the sky sparking the imagination of our friend off. This time, that enormous heart of its, brought something even bigger than before. A fiery phoenix flower that spread love through the fields and the universe. Transforming this arid land into a network of electric life.

Thanks, Mr Atsuko Fukushima for those four minutes and thirty seconds of pure emotion that have left a generous smile in my face and tones of gratitude for what I’ve just seen.

Feel the love of creation and never forget to share it with others.

 We talk soon…

The being me process

grey 2

If there is something that I know for sure is that life will always bring you a chance for a change.  And your options are quite simple: adapt or deny that reality.

Decisions, decisions and more decisions will be permanently escort your life and the ones that, more often than not, will question who you really are and what is relevant to you at that time.

This post is about embracing and nurture some changes.

I have grey hair  since I was 18. About a year ago, after years of grey battling, I decided to finally to give it a chance. So last June I went back to L’e Salon D’apodaca in Madrid (city centre) where their talented and a creative professionals make that idea my reality. To who, in fact, can not thank enough for how adventurous, professionals and reassuring people are. The final outcome… to be a little bit more me and adapt to what it seems it is my new hair base.

By using Pinterest (  as the platform to combine ideas, fashion icons like Sarah Harrys (British Vogue) style and trends I gave them an Idea of what my mind could not fully bring into words when I was trying to explain what I wanted.

If you feel it is right for you then do not hesitate and give yourself the opportunity to be who you are and not somebody else vision of who you should be.

Are you a grey hair fan? Tell me your story.

Sweet Sicily …home sweet home

SS intro

Don’t you love the comforting touch of a homey kitchen when you enter a coffee store? Surrounded by the warmth and sweetness of something that it’s been just baked?

A few months ago Dawson street located a new hidden gem within their Georgian houses’ basements: Sweet Sicily. A cracking place for a great italian coffee with an splendid sweet counter that catch your eye the minute you come in.


There is a sentiment of yearned familiarity when I come in. It might be the natural friendliness of their staff or echoed conversations that fill the place. A resemblance of what a coffee store means to me, a social place.

P1080346 P1080347P1080339

I am having my fingers crossed that in the future their staff and owners will continue having fun and making the rest of us be part of it.

Bring new ideas to this cafeteria love scene seems complicated. However Sweet Sicily has brought the standards a bit higher. No doubts the have a great coffee and very appetising cakes and bites but their best win is the good-natured calibre of their staff. Basics are usually taken for granted in benefit of the wow factor. I was glad to see the careful attention for the clientele by people whose smile seems part of their nature.

Oh! I almost forgot. So far I’ve tried their Nutella & Ricotta, Honey & Ricotta tarts and a friend their an upside down pineapple cake. What I can say is that our conversation paused by ticking sound of our forks in the plates.

 SS coffee SS cake

This is place to add into your agenda. Thumbs up!

…and enjoy.

Bites in Madrid. The markets vibe


In the last few years Madrid has experienced an emerging demand for food markets. Initiated by the one and only Mercado de San Miguel, a brilliantly preserved glass and cast-iron building a symbol of culinary culture and heritage patrimony. Other examples of this XIX century trend sadly were not able to survive such as Cebada or Los Monteses.

In order to become a magnetic inspiration where other concepts can gravitate and flourish it is required the settlement of a manifesto, a central concept. Nurturing your palette with enriched flavours that comes from product freshness, variety and excellency in their quality on an incredible social environment it is an experience to be part of and definitely share.

P1070689 P1070688

Creativity, diversity and revitalisation are the key elements that define Chueca, a landmark quarter in Madrid and the home of Mercado de San Anton. The dimensions of this building allow food and market stalls to join forces and increase its interest. What do I love from this market? It’s location, it’s vibe, the singularity and in some cases rarity of the products you can find here and of course it’s amazing roof top terrace ( a not to miss element). Nevertheless, Chueca has so many hidden gems that getting lost is the best thing you can do.

On my latest visit a friend brought me to Mercado de San Ildefonso and it took me two seconds to get the familiar feeling of the food markets in Dublin (and in other cities) but this time with a distinguished Spanish flavour on it. The collision of its industrially simplistic and colourful space, the vibrant location, a diversifying fusion of people and noteworthy atmospheres ( from top to bottom  including their outstanding back terrace) captivate you.

         P1070655 P1070657 P1070654

Their ravishing execution along with their distinctive individual value of these places enhance Madrid culinary offer experience to locals and tourists. Being ideal for social interaction, enjoying local producers and definitely have a great time.

Have you visit Madrid and their markets? What was your experience?

I hope you enjoy this post and have a great week.

Feeling pretty.


A friend told me a couple of days ago, at stomp performance, that she liked the attire of the evening. A green blouse, classic red lipstick and my glasses (light brown framed). Of course, appreciate those nice words and realise how some of the selected   elements were making a difference. How balancing opposite colours were creating attention and the iconic cat eye liner and the classic bold lipstick bringing another essence to the outfit.

Even though “details” are single pieces of information when combined “the part makes the whole”. They show your taste, your personality, a vision or the simple fact of trying something new.

As mentioned on previous posts (crafts & blings) ornaments layer and add complexity to the general vision. Whether the vision was consciously putted together or was the result of casualty is not that relevant. Though, the more conscious you are the more likely you will obtain a similar results in future attempts.

Let me share with you my current bracelets selection, that I wear almost every day. An ampersand chain from make pie not war, an eseoese accessory and a moonlight & raven bracelet.

make pie 2

make pie

thanksThanks for those that are able to understand people’s personalities and embrace it as you definitely layer mine.

Question: Which are currently your  most liked fashion embellishments and do you like to layer them?

I hope you have a brilliant week. See you soon …