What are you wearing today?!


  Every so often I’m asked where did I get what I might be wearing that day. Creating a wardrobe seems like anything in life; it requires patience, an eye to look out for that “something different” and that gut feeling that says …That’s right baby, you are mine.

 Although in reality I might not be that straight forward, I consider myself quite bold wh   en choosing my clothes. This might be a good starting point for me. I tend to go for oversized items, ripped jeans, combining both high waisted and tailored trousers with striped patterns and polka dots. I also love multilayered shirts, t-shirts and jerseys and combining them with handmade scarves with a vast array of colours and varied patterns.


   Working in an office where the predominant colours are navy and black I do consider myself the queen of my own party. Though I have seen some people daring to be different, orbiting around like bright shooting stars, so I haven’t lost all hope just yet.


Let’s see if I can get some intrepidness from this inner force of expression and continue building that courage to face life.

Question: Does your morning mood influence your outfit choice or does your attire throw itself at you?

Don’t forget to have a great week!

(Spanish Version)

   De vez en cuando, me suelo encontrar con estas preguntas sobre de donde te has comprado estos zapatos o me gusta lo que llevas hoy .En realidad, crear tu fondo de armario es como todo en la vida: te pide paciencia, un ojo para encontrar ese “algo único” y esa sensación cuando lo hayas que dice … Asi si es baby, eres todo mío!

  Aunque en la realidad no soy ni remotamente tan lanzada como lo que acabo de escribir (cantidad de ejemplos demostrarían esta teoría sin problemas) considero que para elegir mis trapitos le echo ganas al tema ( por algún lado tendría que empezar). Jerseys extra grandes, vaqueros rotos, pantalones de cintura alta o de sastre combinan con lunares, rayas, estructuras superpuestas, bufandas auto diseñadas con colores y estampados.

   Trabajando en una oficina donde en azul-oscuro-casi-negro es el pan nuestro de cada día tengo que decir que me siento bastante reinona de mi propia fiesta. Pero noto movimiento a mi alrededor, como satélites de republicas independientes de sus casas deseosos/sas de romper el standard. Expectativas crecientes para una batalla que no parece del todo perdida.

   Veamos si soy capaz de sacar parte de esa fuerza creativa incipiente coger a la rana y plantarle un señor besazo sin pensarlo dos veces.

Pregunta: Tu estado del humor elige lo que llevas por la mañana o algo salta del armario y se te ajusta como un uniforme sin permiso?

No olvides disfrutar mucho de esta semana, que la cuesta de enero ya ha pasado!

Pictures: moonlight and raven
Thanks to http://www.biscuitstore.es/en/. Location: Calle Corredera Alta de san Pablo,4 Madrid.

Special note: To one of those unforgettable office satellites and her little Fara ( welcome to this world!)

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.


Bits and bobs. Malababa

If I need to find something in common with the pieces of jewelry I wear is how simple they are. Understanding simple as uncomplicated but never plain. Pieces that will not put in jeopardy their femininity and uniqueness.

So, let’s meet Malababa.


I met this brand quite recently , but they have been there already a while ( since 1997).

Their honest creation of fashion accessories linked to a respectful treatment of material was certainly magnetic. Having in mind that their showroom breaths like an ecosystem where all the elements live interconnected on a romantic and fun space.


I invite you to further explore the vision of this creative crafters made in Spain.

We talk soon!

Disclaimer: This review it is not been sponsored.
Pictures: Moonlight and Raven. Earring from Malababa; Collar: Beatriz Palacios

A concept store. Design in Rughara

   How important is to get lost every now a then. Sometimes you just simply end up exactly where you needed to be. This time destiny and the direction of a well intended neighbour brought me to what its called a talent warehouse. And under this absolutely appropriate name I meet Rughara.


   Located in the vibrant district of Malasaña Rughara merges to perfection fashion & accessories with designed homeware, furniture and Art. Combined in a way that it is rather complicated not to take your time and fuse within scene. That’s right, getting lost one more time!

   Set up for those looking for a non-conventional vision of fashion identity. Searching for statement items that speak their own language and do not need translation.


Independent creator and crafters find their way in with the shared vision of spaces like this one. Where artistic talent gets room and claims its flag versus “fast fashion” culture.

Thanks and we talk soon,

Pictures: Moonlight and Raven
Location: Rughara,Corredera Alta de San Pablo 2, Madrid

The new Retro Style & Kling

This week’s posts will present some unique spots not to be missed if you are visiting Madrid and fashion in kind of your thing.


 Starting with the unique fashion vision of Kling. Vivid prints, colour with a trendy retro interpretation and iconic accessories defined this brand. With a mise en scène in their stores that combine creativity and a cool blast from the past taste.



  Confession wise … I need to say that I was just having a look and one of those doggy looking hangers caught me unprepared with a dreamy vintage dress that was meant to meet my closet here in Dublin… And so, it was!


I hope you will give it a go, cause it is always an experience to check what these original designers produce each season.

  Pictures: Kling Weekend at calle Duque de Alba ( Madrid)

A walking wardrobe

  As a woman or probably as a human being, ( clarifying that I am no expert on man’s minds) the search of mesmerising “somethings” follows and guide me at all times. Sometimes dazzled by the personality of a new encounter ,enchanted by a scene on a movie or fascinated by the creativity of a designer …

    Or a place all full of charm and magnetising that the thought of not getting involved within that atmosphere it is simply unthinkable. A walking wardrobe that hides quirky clothing with rare accessories surrounded by an ambience of sophistication and style.

Divisa entrance

P1090367                                  P1090359        P1090361                                                                              P1090363P1090364


      As a room like that could take a while to get it fully shaped, it does satisfy me to visit venues that transpire that character and taste.

We talk soon…

    Pictures: Divisa ( Calle Hortaleza, 102)
    Website: http://www.divisa.bigcartel.com/cart

Feeling pretty.


A friend told me a couple of days ago, at stomp performance, that she liked the attire of the evening. A green blouse, classic red lipstick and my glasses (light brown framed). Of course, appreciate those nice words and realise how some of the selected   elements were making a difference. How balancing opposite colours were creating attention and the iconic cat eye liner and the classic bold lipstick bringing another essence to the outfit.

Even though “details” are single pieces of information when combined “the part makes the whole”. They show your taste, your personality, a vision or the simple fact of trying something new.

As mentioned on previous posts (crafts & blings) ornaments layer and add complexity to the general vision. Whether the vision was consciously putted together or was the result of casualty is not that relevant. Though, the more conscious you are the more likely you will obtain a similar results in future attempts.

Let me share with you my current bracelets selection, that I wear almost every day. An ampersand chain from make pie not war, an eseoese accessory and a moonlight & raven bracelet.

make pie 2

make pie

thanksThanks for those that are able to understand people’s personalities and embrace it as you definitely layer mine.

Question: Which are currently your  most liked fashion embellishments and do you like to layer them?

I hope you have a brilliant week. See you soon …

Crafts & blings


Chupi Heart ring     Olga Sanchez Ceramic ring

It is rather appealing to realise how much during your life you change your interests, and what it seems dull on your teens fascinates you later on. When talking about expressing yourself, fashion is a major topic for me and accessories the details that make the difference.

They’ve  become part of a daily looks. Sometimes wearing crowded ornamented hands and others with quite simple ones. But nevertheless, they tent to accompany me everyday. Some small reminders of basic concept that can get forgotten within the messiness of everyday’s life.

My up to date essentials have somethings in common : Crafted items, simply shaped made beautifully by very interesting artists. Within my current collection my belonged Olga Sanchez a ceramic Spanish designer and the Irish Jeweller Chupi.

Olga Sanchez’s designs came into my live around  two years ago while visiting Madrid. Hidden in a little store, unknown to the public all full of well chosen vintage and crafted treasures ( Mälmo). Thanks to Marianne (the owner, model, cashier, photographer and web designer of Malmo space ( Espacio Malmo) the store have become one of my regular visits. Olga’s organic pieces of art with those delicate tones make anybody feel that you are wearing a unique item.

On the other hand  Chupi ( loated in Dublin) that has extended their original location from Powerscourt shopping centre market ( still there though) to Arnotts or even the Aerlingus catalogue. But despite locations Chupi’s jewellery are the translation of nature into precious metals and stones. the perfect way to treat yourself and uplift your outfits.

olga sanchez

Both have a meaning for me. Love for others or for me, nature or just nice pretty objects that always have a story to remember behind…So which one is yours?