A perfect day

Pouring rain like crazy, with one degree of temperature but feeling like if I were living in Siberia. That’s how we have been here in Dublin for the last few weeks, praying deeply for a bit of sun.

So, here I am in a cafeteria drinking a cup of tea trying to find the energy to make it till home. Cause for the last five minute I stopped feeling in my fingers and it wasn’t very pleasurable. So right before that happens, while holding this warm paper cup and looking through the window I leave my mind wonder on how amazing might feel to gavillant for a quick bite and a drink in Madrid where in temperature was about 15 degrees (or so my family gladly I was informed 10 minutes ago).


In my mind I was having one of those moments where for no reason you meet a couple of friends and for the sake of having something to eat you ended up living a perfect day. In this unplanned tour you enter into literally the first place you come up and discovered a 1906 tavern in Huertas with the best ever coated shrimps and a vermut, I mean it, BEST EVER!

el abuelo1

We continue visiting the traditional Mercado de San Miguel seeking for a place to stay, obviously not possible. Feeling the urge of that new delicatessen (note: any nice piece of food will make it into this category) it came to our mind that Juana la Loca wasn’t far  from us. So we headed into La Latina for that heavenly made Spanish omelette pincho. We salute you!


Isn’t it funny how easily your mind release you from the stress of your reality. Now wearing with a nice smile in my face and certainly warmer I am ready to fight that last tram till home.

Although it was not that far when that daydream was a fact how fast I had forgotten about it when all around you gets a bit darker.It is clear to me that I might be needing some nice holidays.

I hope you have a great week and a bit of sun anywhere you are.

All the best,


Vaya tela con el tiempo que hace seguro que en Siberia hace más calor. Congelada como un pajarito que se diría en mi pueblo. Así andamos por aquí, que el día que salga un rayo de sol saldremos todos los de la ofician en estampida.

En mi regreso a casa he tenido que hacer una parada porque estaba sintiendo los primeros síntomas de congelamiento. Así que aquí me encuentro en una cafeteria, tomándome un té a ver si entro en calor preguntándome lo rico que me sabría el irme de tapillas por esas calles lindas de Madrid.

mercado SM

Ya sabes, el típico día que te juntas con otros dos y decidís ir “por ahi”. Y en esa aventura a lo tonto te encuentras dando vueltas por el casco antiguo de Madrid en una taberna que tiene mas años que maricastaño pero que te hacen un vermut que te deja mudo.

O en otra de esas intentonas fallidas por entrar al mercado de San Miguel te metes por la calle incorrecta, das tres vueltas pensando que por ahí regresaste y acabas en la Latina tomando el mejor pincho de tortilla la historia ha visto. Ay, que rico!

De regreso a mi realidad parece que el té ha hecho efecto y noto la sangre de nuevo circulando. Así que esta vez  ataviada con una sonrisa por esta ida de pinza me dispongo a enfrentarme al último tramo hasta el hogar.Ahora con una idea más clara en mí mente y es que creo que necesito vacaciones.

Que paseis buena semana y no os heléis mucho allí donde estéis.

Pictures: moonlight and raven
Thanks to El Abuelo http://lacasadelabuelo.es/historia/ where nothing seem has changed since 1906 . Location: C/ Victoria 12. Madrid.
Special thanks to the amazing company of that fantastic aventure. 

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What did Santa Claus bring?

Yes, I know ...this post seems a bit off sync ...but who cares!

Apparently Santa Claus and I share a similar love for Spanish brands, who was going to tell. Based on this he decided to bring the unique essence of Olivia’s soaps candles to the homes of my almost-sister Ana, my beautiful sis and my little brother’s new apartment.


(BTW that they come with a box of matches inside with a lovely quote… that unfortunately can’t quote and I needed to translate so many times…)


Once the ambience was getting Christmassy it was time for the girls to spark with another gift ( this Santa does know his staff). Coming this time from the unique pieces that only Malababa can create. Cause they worthy it!


When you are surrounded by artists and distinctive quirky brands who does want to streamline a gift. Share your alternative and individual style as independent designers and creator are just there waiting for you.

So my question for today’s post will be… what did Santa bring to you?

Have a great week and I hope we could talk soon.

Pictures: moonlight and raven
Candles: From http://www.oliviatheshop.com, pictures were taken at http://concalma.es
Jewellery: http://www.malababa.com

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.


The essence of flower town

The way you feel now is how you should be feeling the rest of your life ( Paper Towns)

    Seems we dedicate ourselves to work on places that we don’t care or surround our life with people who don’t see us. Any purpose? Apart from missing the chance you have got of living it is quite difficult to find another.

   But is it really true? How impossible it is the task of discovery where you belong? Where your skills can get opportunity to explore other boundaries, get developed or simply mess around.

   Creativity requires the freedom to find a way through, its expression and bring that to life. How people can make that of a living requires lots of courage and sincerity on your vision.

   However, because of how inherent that search is on all of us, we have the capability to perfectly recognise it when it pops in front of our eyes.  And in that moment,  participate as a spectator of that show, experiencing the beauty of that finding and why not….maybe even getting inspire and give a chance for your imagination to find its way through.

   The taken pictures are from a haven that breathes love for what you do encircled on an atmosphere of freshness and colour.








 Thanks to Margarita se llama mi amor, for your inspirational creativity and allow me to share that with some others.

Pictures: Moonlight and Raven @margaritamiamor

“Genius Party”


          Quick shopping back in town and with a mind full of thoughts went slowly walking home. Had a bit of dinner, checked few emails and feeling in the mood for nice bath to chill out.  Frankly, did not know what else to do after finishing Gothan at Netflix … You know, one of those days where you could not get bother with more than that.

  • A movie? puff… bit too long.
  • Another series? ahhh, come one not another one.
  • Look at this! They’ve got anime too!

And there I was, caught by a cute little stone face it was enough trigger to see “ Genius Party”.

Just like that and by an animated movie I’ve experienced got the most beautiful and heart connecting moment I’ve felt in a while. By the power of an inspired desert living ball made out of stone that after getting it’s creative soul literally devoured by a humanly/birdie shaped creature decided not to let that precious gone.

As a result of this “attack” a beam of light crossed rapidly the sky sparking the imagination of our friend off. This time, that enormous heart of its, brought something even bigger than before. A fiery phoenix flower that spread love through the fields and the universe. Transforming this arid land into a network of electric life.

Thanks, Mr Atsuko Fukushima for those four minutes and thirty seconds of pure emotion that have left a generous smile in my face and tones of gratitude for what I’ve just seen.

Feel the love of creation and never forget to share it with others.

 We talk soon…