Bites in Madrid. The markets vibe


In the last few years Madrid has experienced an emerging demand for food markets. Initiated by the one and only Mercado de San Miguel, a brilliantly preserved glass and cast-iron building a symbol of culinary culture and heritage patrimony. Other examples of this XIX century trend sadly were not able to survive such as Cebada or Los Monteses.

In order to become a magnetic inspiration where other concepts can gravitate and flourish it is required the settlement of a manifesto, a central concept. Nurturing your palette with enriched flavours that comes from product freshness, variety and excellency in their quality on an incredible social environment it is an experience to be part of and definitely share.

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Creativity, diversity and revitalisation are the key elements that define Chueca, a landmark quarter in Madrid and the home of Mercado de San Anton. The dimensions of this building allow food and market stalls to join forces and increase its interest. What do I love from this market? It’s location, it’s vibe, the singularity and in some cases rarity of the products you can find here and of course it’s amazing roof top terrace ( a not to miss element). Nevertheless, Chueca has so many hidden gems that getting lost is the best thing you can do.

On my latest visit a friend brought me to Mercado de San Ildefonso and it took me two seconds to get the familiar feeling of the food markets in Dublin (and in other cities) but this time with a distinguished Spanish flavour on it. The collision of its industrially simplistic and colourful space, the vibrant location, a diversifying fusion of people and noteworthy atmospheres ( from top to bottom  including their outstanding back terrace) captivate you.

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Their ravishing execution along with their distinctive individual value of these places enhance Madrid culinary offer experience to locals and tourists. Being ideal for social interaction, enjoying local producers and definitely have a great time.

Have you visit Madrid and their markets? What was your experience?

I hope you enjoy this post and have a great week.