Sweet Sicily …home sweet home

SS intro

Don’t you love the comforting touch of a homey kitchen when you enter a coffee store? Surrounded by the warmth and sweetness of something that it’s been just baked?

A few months ago Dawson street located a new hidden gem within their Georgian houses’ basements: Sweet Sicily. A cracking place for a great italian coffee with an splendid sweet counter that catch your eye the minute you come in.


There is a sentiment of yearned familiarity when I come in. It might be the natural friendliness of their staff or echoed conversations that fill the place. A resemblance of what a coffee store means to me, a social place.

P1080346 P1080347P1080339

I am having my fingers crossed that in the future their staff and owners will continue having fun and making the rest of us be part of it.

Bring new ideas to this cafeteria love scene seems complicated. However Sweet Sicily has brought the standards a bit higher. No doubts the have a great coffee and very appetising cakes and bites but their best win is the good-natured calibre of their staff. Basics are usually taken for granted in benefit of the wow factor. I was glad to see the careful attention for the clientele by people whose smile seems part of their nature.

Oh! I almost forgot. So far I’ve tried their Nutella & Ricotta, Honey & Ricotta tarts and a friend their an upside down pineapple cake. What I can say is that our conversation paused by ticking sound of our forks in the plates.

 SS coffee SS cake

This is place to add into your agenda. Thumbs up!

…and enjoy.


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