The being me process

grey 2

If there is something that I know for sure is that life will always bring you a chance for a change.  And your options are quite simple: adapt or deny that reality.

Decisions, decisions and more decisions will be permanently escort your life and the ones that, more often than not, will question who you really are and what is relevant to you at that time.

This post is about embracing and nurture some changes.

I have grey hair  since I was 18. About a year ago, after years of grey battling, I decided to finally to give it a chance. So last June I went back to L’e Salon D’apodaca in Madrid (city centre) where their talented and a creative professionals make that idea my reality. To who, in fact, can not thank enough for how adventurous, professionals and reassuring people are. The final outcome… to be a little bit more me and adapt to what it seems it is my new hair base.

By using Pinterest (  as the platform to combine ideas, fashion icons like Sarah Harrys (British Vogue) style and trends I gave them an Idea of what my mind could not fully bring into words when I was trying to explain what I wanted.

If you feel it is right for you then do not hesitate and give yourself the opportunity to be who you are and not somebody else vision of who you should be.

Are you a grey hair fan? Tell me your story.


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