Discovering Guille García-Hoz

With a light sign that says “hola Guille” Guille García-Hoz welcome you into his studio/shoproom in Madrid.


Caught by the surprise of finding items from Olivia’s Soaps at the entrance I could not wait to have a look into what in seems  a tiny warehouse of hidden treasures … And I was not wrong.

So, what can you find here?

From an impressive collection of porcelain crockery, artistic ceramic pieces ( from Abe the Ape, Bussoga, el centro cerámico de Talavera and Guille García-Hoz), original wall paper, unusual home accessories to fashion items and more. All of them coexisting in a living space where ideas and concepts are displayed in front of your eyes. The transition, therefore, into a different location seems natural as this inventive creator make it very easy for us.





It is natural to fall into this “fairyland” store where mugs and flower bases become deers and foxes and nothing seems to be as expected … what a wonder to land.

We talk soon!

and enjoy your day …

Pictures: moonlight and raven
Store location: Calle Pelayo 43, Madrid.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.

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