Feeling pretty.


A friend told me a couple of days ago, at stomp performance, that she liked the attire of the evening. A green blouse, classic red lipstick and my glasses (light brown framed). Of course, appreciate those nice words and realise how some of the selected   elements were making a difference. How balancing opposite colours were creating attention and the iconic cat eye liner and the classic bold lipstick bringing another essence to the outfit.

Even though “details” are single pieces of information when combined “the part makes the whole”. They show your taste, your personality, a vision or the simple fact of trying something new.

As mentioned on previous posts (crafts & blings) ornaments layer and add complexity to the general vision. Whether the vision was consciously putted together or was the result of casualty is not that relevant. Though, the more conscious you are the more likely you will obtain a similar results in future attempts.

Let me share with you my current bracelets selection, that I wear almost every day. An ampersand chain from make pie not war, an eseoese accessory and a moonlight & raven bracelet.

make pie 2

make pie

thanksThanks for those that are able to understand people’s personalities and embrace it as you definitely layer mine.

Question: Which are currently your  most liked fashion embellishments and do you like to layer them?

I hope you have a brilliant week. See you soon …


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